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Comments from Scientific Reviewers

"The development of an eddy current inversion algorithm that does not require a large scale computing machine is considered very innovative. The implementation of set theoretical estimation to be able to utilize a nonlinear estimator and the layer-stripping algorithm appears to be very unique even though the new work is to improve the methodology. The idea of studying the algebraic reconstruction technique is also an excellent element. All the technical details in the proposal clearly demonstrate the proposer's clear understanding of the subject."
"The proposed effort has strong scientific/technical merit and feasibility. The proposal will advance electromagnetic computer modeling capabilities by solving the inverse problem on a portable computer. Determining material characteristics from a given probe response will greatly improve eddy current flaw detection capabilities and enhance the level of confidence in inspection results. The proposed approach is similar to work performed in the past by the same PI, with limited new innovations in the current proposal."
"The PI is the foremost runner of the subject area in the technical community whose professional quality is reflected in this extremely well written proposal. The qualification of the other key individuals also appears very high. The firm should be well equipped with the necessary computing facilities."
"The experience and qualifications of the PI are extremely high. Dr. Sabbagh is well known throughout the NDE community as a leader in electromagnetic field simuilation. All necessary instrumentation and facilities appear to be on hand."
"The principal investigator and staff have published extensively in areas very close to the proposed work. These publications extend back over a decade in time, so they are not new to the field."
"The personnel involved have an extensive background in the field of eddy currents."